Our services


We provide full 24/7 Operations and DevOps support for big and small companies.

Our engineers are familiar with many modern tools and applications available on market


How we do it?

Out team is group of professional DevOps engineers who have great experience with both large enterprise and small startup business.
We continuously work on our skills and envolve other engineers by holding meetups and conferences to keep up on market.



We are flexible either with providing individual DevOps engineer to complete tasks and work directly with your company or take a project and complete as a group.

All work progresses are in full control of Lead Engineers at no extra cost for you.


  • Adam Salam
    Adam is our lead engineer with 8 years experience as DevOps and 13 years overall in IT....
  • Anar Nuri
    Anar has more than 18 years senior management and technical experience in international companies. He lived and...
  • Anar Velikhanov
    Anar is our senior technical expert at anything in Linux and he has about more than 10...
  • Sam Mammad
    Sam has more than 10 years of experience in DevOps and IT projects. Sam used to work...
  • Ziya Kerimov
    Certified Network Engineer with 14 years of IT experience and over 7 years of experience in design...


Cloud Platforms

AWS |  OpenStack | Google Cloud | Microsoft Azure

Virtualization Platforms

VMware |  KVM | Xen | VirtualBox | Vagrant


Docker |  LXC

Source Control

Git | GitHub | SVN | TFS | ClearCase

Continuous Integration

Jenkins | Hudson (Oracle) | CruiseControl | Team City

Configuration management

Chef | Puppet | Ansible | SaltStack | Terraform

Monitoring and Alerting

Nagios | Zabbix | Zenoss | New Relic | PagerDuty  | Sensu


Ruby | Python | PowerShell | Bash | JScript | Perl

Linux OS Installation

Kickstart | Cobbler | Fai

DataCenter Management

Technical Support | Backup processes | Data distribution and storage | Hardware and software upgrade


Kubernetes | Docker Swarm

Collaboration and Ticketing

Slack | HipChat | JIRA | BitBucket | Perforce

Building Tools

Maven | Ant | Graden | Rake | PIP


PaperTrail | ELK | Logentries | Splunk

Database management

Oracle | MySql | Mongo | SQL | PL/Sql | Cassandra

Our Customers