We are IT operations company which started in 2010 providing IT solutions to the customers in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Belorussia.

There was big demand in companies which can jump in a process and complete tasks meeting deadlines and have variety levels of skill sets. So we took that role and formed lead consulting company in area.

Cloud and Data centers, build and deployment automation, monitoring huge environments, moving infrastructures from DC to cloud, creating hybrid ones, database management, IOC, IT trainings and many other challenges we met and proudly delivered.


Operations infrastructure becomes more complex day by day. High load, big traffic and agile methodology lead to work in very intensive and fast changing realities. And it is very hard to find a single person who knows all tools and who can jump in a team.

With us you get dedicated Infrastructure/DevOps/Operations team or a single person who meets your criteria. No long interview processes and recruiting routine anymore.

And our price will be more competitive!



You can hire team of several people, single person or work with dedicated ops person who will manage assigned tasks and report you on a daily basis.


Currently we work with physical data centers and AWS. Our team members are familiar with many tools available on a market and we continuously work on improving out skill sets by holding IT meetups, conferences, bi weekly brownbag skills sharing.


Our mission is to bring new technologies in your company and automate as much we can, so managing infrastructure wouldn't bother you development process and saves your money and time.

our team

  • Adam Salam
    Adam is our lead engineer with 8 years experience as DevOps and 13 years overall in IT. He...
  • Anar Nuri
    Anar has more than 18 years senior management and technical experience in international companies. He lived and worked...
  • Anar Velikhanov
    Anar is our senior technical expert at anything in Linux and he has about more than 10 years...
  • Sam Mammad
    Sam has more than 10 years of experience in DevOps and IT projects. Sam used to work as...